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It's a Trap
24" x 24" x1.5" acrylic on canvas

You don't know if your dreaming or if your eyes are fooling you. It's a bit misty and foggy outside. You rub your eyes and look again. Waking up to see a small fox sitting on a birdbath staring at a birdhouse is quite a site to see. Based on an actual photograph from a relative of mine. I wanted the painting to convey that dreamlike state where your not sure if what your seeing is actually real. The pink, white and yellow sky tell of early morning, while the blurred colors make you look again and again. The black and bold green really stand out against the glaze of the pink and white. This is a 24" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas that is painted on the sides as well. Ready to hang. A nice size and a great conversation starter.